PUBLIC ADVOCACY: All the news that’s fit to print and some that isn’t.

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our earth

Dear readers
I am not abandoning the home front. I knew there would be nothing new to report on the Financial Front. The status Quo persists. I am not even getting the usual solicitation letters ? Not even Gretchen Morgenson is providing new news.  Instead she has been concentrating on Mozilla’s complicity in the original Countrywide fraud.  (I  previously reviewed Gretchen Morgenson’s book “Reckless Endangement”, a definitive work on the impact of “the toxic interplay of Washington, Wall Street and corrupt mortgage lenders leading to the eventual meltdown of our Financial System.”NY Times quote.  Her book cites the  impact of  Angelo Mozilo, who became the CEO of Countrywide Financial in 2003,   on the Financial Crisis of 2008..   Countrywide Financial was bought by Bank of America, thus the saga continues.)   What a  whopper, which may or may not be paid to the people in full,  the B OF A settlement for around $16 Billion for mortgage fraud ,  is mostly attributed to Countrywide Financial which was purchased by Bank of America during the Financial Crisis.  NY State may clear a Billion, but who knows how much will go to the people who lost their homes? This injustice keeps rolling along as the Middle Class struggles to survive.

The news in Israel is sad. Rather then the entire World Community pitching in to enforce a truce, Hamas keeps seeking power at their people’s expense. Israel stated quite clearly, before hostilities escalated, they would pursue ” calm for calm”. Yet Hamas, concerned only with their own power brazenly brags about the murder of the three Israeli teens. No sane person admits to murder, are there normal Arabs left who want to live in Peace? If yes, let them stand up and shout loud and clear, in front of an iPhone preferably.. I suggest, social media, so that their voices  and faces will be recorded for posterity.  We need to record Peace proponents on all sides.

As a Jew it pains me  that this  Conflict has become an excuse for anti semitism?  World wide abuse of Jews because they are Jewish and may or may not be a Zionist?   Tribal hatreds are still alive and thriving in the 21st Century.  A special “Thank You” to the 200 + Actors, Actresses and others in Americas media who support Israel’s right to defend their Country.

Then we have ISIS beheading people, because they are rabid murderers and the World did not rise up to stop them. There are too many groups like Al Queda , Hamas, ISIS . Where is a global body interested in the safety of all of the Planets citizens. Those who prefer their liberty to slavery and death? The people who want to live life, have children and go in Peace? Let’s start talking about lives lived and people’s contribution to Society and stop focusing on the Terror Groups and Terror?  Evidently, all these groups have one element in Common, they exploit Social Media to terrorize others.  Let’s curtail showing  their gruesome acts and restart focusing on the loss of victim’s lives to Society.  That’s a tragedy.

Then we have Russia and the Ukraine!  I’m not prepared to comment on this situation at this time.  Also, tragic !


Back home in Missouri, it seems we have no idea what happened, except a young Black man died? Why? We don’t know the facts, yet.  It just seems, no matter what happened, there should be a way to maim and not  kill a “potential” citizen threat?    I’m reminded unhappily of the 60’s riots and protests. To what end do we seek justice and the value of life, our own and that of our fellow man?

There is almost too much to talk about.   I’ve purposely omitted  all mention of Mother Nature’s latest slam dunk on our planet!  Though we’re temporarily spared here in Sunny /balmy NYC.   It’s enough to make everyone “numb”, while we seek more tranquil times!


Right now, I wish desperately for something good to report.  If you’re in NYC, you might try The Lincoln Center Plaza , for free screenings of last years Opera’s .   Tonight “the Nose” is being featured.  There is always  a cultural distraction!  Wishing everyone well. Joyce

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  1. One should read” Reckless Endangerment” to learn more about Mozillo’s complicity Check the index for relevant pages. Chad

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    1. Thanks Chad. For your comment
      Reckless Endangerment is a wonderful text on the Financial Crisis citing all the players, including Mozillo. I’m sure I cited Gretchen’s book and relevant facts when it was first

      I am now in the process of Categorizing the Posts. Good point
      Thanks for your insight

      All the best Joyce

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