PUBLIC ADVOCACY: perhaps we are all Jews?

Israel’s survival as a Jewish state depends upon Israel redefining who is a Jew. I propose that a Jew can be anyone born or converted to Judaism or any person willing to live in Peace with the Israelis. Sounds simple enough. Israel’s land mass and security concerns don’t lend themselves to a divided country concept. Rather a one state solution with a path to citizenship and Jewish Peoplehood contains the solution. A United States of Israel, replete with a central government and a Democratic way of life.

If we get over the old stereo types of who is a Jew and become more inclusive we will, I believe , ensure the actual survival of the Jewish People and the World.

I believe the most humane solution is a one state solution because it ensures a durable Peace with all like minded individuals having a vested interest in their mutual survival. If the old hatreds exist, if sympathizers of ” evil” remain, there cannot be Peace. A 2 State Solution is not feasible under present conditions of War , hate and distrust. After year’s of meaningful bridge building and consistency of action,  a peaceful 2 State Solution may be possible. However, when all is quiet and hard work and jobs and education overtake the ” old ways”, a one state solution may fit all needs. It’s too early to tell the outcome of this present conflict, but serious bridge building might be a primary goal for all involved Parties? Maintaining a peaceful populace , I presume, is more difficult then giving rein to ” the Dogs of War” and concentrating on everyone’s  prosperity?

On the Planet level , rid whole regions of the Globe of terrorists in order to plan for our Future. There is much work to be done,  if we are to survive into the 22 nd Century. Realistically we can no longer afford these distractions. The world requires work every day.

It is an ” inconvenient Truth”, that our climate is changing and we can’t waste time on Wars when pestilence and famine are impeding the Progress of our Civilization. All of us will be tested. Once again, dear reader, the choice is yours. Do we continue this cycle of violence or do we crush and destroy the “Barbarians at our Gates “. once and for all? If we choose Peace and a Butter Economy, we just might live to see the blossoming of the 21 st, the 22 nd Century and beyond . A safer more productive haven for us and our progeny. The choice is yours.

Advocate for Peace and the Butter Economy, preferably Brooklyn Butter.   I will always present the issues and the facts as I see them. All the best. I remain, sincerely yours, The Voice of Joyce

Me and my grandson 2013/Jerusalem
Me and my grandson 2013/Jerusalem

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