PUBLIC ADVOCACY: The many Faces of Israel

NYC as seen from the Chase HQ
NYC as seen from the Chase HQ

The various faces of Israel. Like all of our countries, ordinary citizens and experts , have varying opinions, whether they are on the right , left or center. All opinions are valid for the individual , but do they represent The State?

In Israel, many speak their opinion, many have comments on Their State and it’s affaires, Fortunately, they have an active press, that tells Israel’s story as it unfolds. Some papers are more proactive then others,  but the truth does seem to out.

After listening to several experts on the State of Israel and Israeli thinking, post Gaza,  some facts standout.

1. The Israeli Military, the IDF , is investigating 44 incidents that occurred during operation Protective Edge. Some of these investigations are determining , if the attacks which injured  civilians , was justified. Israel, is also investigating the lack of force used, when an order had been given to kill the aggressor and that order was disobeyed. All questionable actions are being investigated. This is the action of a culture, that values human life, not just the lives of Israeli citizens.

2. There is disunity between the various Palestinian factions in Israel and that is being resolved during this period of ” relative calm”. Though Abbas has sought Arab League acceptance for his cause, the PA’s plight has been sidelined by  the the Arab League as they concentrate on threat of ISIS to the Middle East. According to Ron Prosor, Israel’s Ambassador to the UN , speaking on behalf of the Israeli State, he urges Abbas to negotiate directly with Israel.

3. Meanwhile, GAZANS are awaiting aid for reconstruction, but the international community is hesitating as they consider aid for rebuilding and not rearming. Another interesting idea was presented by Israel’s Ambassador to the UN today: Tie the amount of money Gaza receives for rebuilding to the number of rockets, tunnels and missile manufacturing facilities they destroy.

4. Israel is minding it’s borders, assuring that no incursions are possible . As a Nation concerned with their security and human life, they are constantly creating weapons defensively, though it would be a well received luxury to be able to concentrate on the Country’s vital ” human services”.

5. Technion , Israel’s technological university , is providing MOOCS, online courses open to anyone , on Nano Technology. Approximately 7000 Arabs have signed up for these courses. By collaborating with others with differing points of view , Israel hopes to bridge generational ” hatreds”.

6. Last week, Israel signed a $15 Billion contract with Jordan to provide them with natural gas over a period of 5 years. There is cooperation with Israel’s neighbors, it may not be front and center in the foreign papers or the media.

7. To see the various faces of Israel, read their newspapers: Haaretz, The Jerusalem Post , The Times of Israel, The Tablet, and receive Honest Reporting by email, which corrects media disinformation .

When today’s program featuring Ambassador Ron Prosor , sponsored by Jerusalem U, is available on video, I’ll publish the conference for my followers on Word Press, Twitter, Facebook , LinkedIn and Google. Wishing everyone well on this beautiful day in NYC, most sincerely , Joyce.

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