PUBLIC ADVOCACY: Qatar, The ” Club Med for Terrorists”

Doha Capital of Qatar
Doha Capital of Qatar

From where I sit and  hear,  Qatar makes the news, because they want to be a World Player.   We no longer have to wonder what kind of Game Qatar wants to play.   It appears that,  Qatar has chosen to become a” Player”, by sponsoring terrorism.  The State also uses their ,” fair and balanced”, news channel , Al Jazeera, to promote fund raisers for their preferred Terrorists.  Why didn’t it occur to Qatar to think about capturing the hearts and minds of fellow Arabs, by contributing to their well being, by promoting  healthy prosperous Arab population throughout the Middle East?    If they have Billions to finance Terrorists and Terrorist organizations, why don’t they choose to spend their money on the improvement of ordinary Arabs starving in Arab countries. Why not choose to support Life and living over Weapons of Mass Destruction rather then the allure of Terrorism to people starving with nothing more to lose?  ?  It’s a choice when Politics effects all of us?



Article NY Times/ 9/8/14 Citing Qatar as a supporter of Terrorism:

The same logic holds true for Iran. They want to be a Player? So now, they’re not sure they want Nuclear disarmament? Why? After years of speaking about the great Satans, America and Israel, they are now threatened by a greater force of evil, extremist Sunni Muslims. How do you tell the People you’ve starved that they been hating the wrong group and now it’s ISIS that prevents you from putting down your weapons? How do you switch from being a “Player”, to improving the life of your citizens? It’s hard to focus your energies on life when a Bomb makes thinking about the problem, recede into the distance.


Players have a huge problem?  They have a constant need to dominate their citizens and a  constant need to be recognized.   Wouldn’t a thriving creative energetic, happy populace bring more joy?   My guess,  it would,  if these were benevolent dictators instead of malevolent.


Think about it, Players on the World scene, who are you helping?   Why not start competing on the World scene by allowing your countries to prosper ?  Why not build constructive bridges with other Countries in the Middle East and allow your populace to become part of the 21st Century?    It’s a more difficult road to choose, but why not choose life and the living over death ,  Terrorism and destruction?

These Players make it necessary for all of us to become involved in Death and weapons of mass destruction? A pointless exercise. All of our talents are then concentrated on producing bigger or smaller more effective weapons.   It is evident, all weapons can be improved upon, if not we’ll die trying. This is the 21st Century, isn’t it time to find a better way to live life? How many refugees do we have to see? How many homeless do we have to pretend not to see? This is our life, there may be another, but I wish those who expose death, would choose their own and let me and you live the lives we know, now?

My 2 cents.

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