PUBLIC ADVOCACY: Whose opinion can you trust?

From my desk to you:  Dear readers 5/21/14
From my desk to you: Dear readers 5/21/14

Just when a lot of ” folks” think the NY Times non relevant on some topics, the Times comes up with a blockbuster investigation of ” respected” Think Tanks , provoking questions about expert advice. Who’s opinion can you “Trust”?   When foreign powers wish to be World players, they  influence research at Think Tanks.   As concerned citizens we have to wonder, how many elected officials and others relied upon these “experts” for data and analysis? The NY TIMES, 9/7/14 Article , is Linked to this site, raising many questions, which I hope,  will lead to answers and transparency on philosophical positions  held.

(“Prominent Washington think tanks, nonprofits known for their impartiality, have received tens of millions of dollars from foreign governments while pushing United States government officials to adopt policies that often reflect the donors’ priorities, an investigation by The New York Times has found.”)

For instance : We have to ask,  are Foreign Governments paying Colleges or making heavy donations to peddle their point of view? Are these governments behind the money and the force advocating BDS (Boycott, divestment and sanctions against Israel, most recently) at select universities, here and abroad? How pervasive is foreign national money in Congress and who speaks for these entities?

Citizens United legalized bribery and influence, by narrowly defining bribery. It states,” bribery occurs only when money is given for a specific favor and exchanged at that time for the expected favor, a quid pro quo.” That’s not how bribery and influence works!   Money and gifts are given to individuals in Congress, with the expectation that Congressmen and women, will vote favorably when issues benefit the gift giver, whether that giver is a foreign national, a corporation , a lobbyist, etc.  It is very rarely, a quid pro quo!

The system has fallen apart, because the Power goes to a few organized activists who want their position heard at any cost. This is a subversion of Democracy.   It is not the  government envisioned by Teddy Roosevelt, “one that is impartial to all citizens under the law” .   In a society with an unequal balance of power , government by the people for the people is non existent. Since The People are disorganized , their votes cease to count. They are not the target of influence peddling, they become the victim.

Again who can you trust in a Society based on Money and Power and manipulation of the facts? As I’ve always said “the people ” need their own advocate, to ferret out the truth and to assure that sensible workable laws are written. Unless and until we trust such a person, we will never know if our Country is a Democracy? We will never know or be able to insure that our Country is running effectively, protecting the rights of  all citizens? We will never know if we are hearing true analysis or propaganda? We will never know if we are only enriching the military industrial complex, while we choose War over negotiation?

How do we know what to believe,if we can’t believe the data or analysis presented to us by our Government or ” the experts” or Commentators we listen to ? if we are not skeptical, we do so at our Peril.

Give me the chance to work for you in any capacity you choose?   Let me hire at least 10 people to connect ” the dots” and develop a real strategy for change in America. TEDX and ” The Idealist Network ” seem to have the right idea: while TEDX concerns itself with ” how ideas spread”, this new platform, “the Idealist network”,  appears to concern itself with taking an individual’s ideas and connecting that idea to others globally with similar ideas, creating a global network for change. This system can be used to communicate with others, to amplify ideas and to create replicable models and proposals to effect education and government through a networked organization. This sounds like an interesting concept, capable of networking Our World through the use of Social Media.

My proposal, requires a core group of activists to join together, using social media and all tools available to a tech savvy society, to connect the dots and develop laws based on existing ideas.  We will seek out pragmatic experts in the fields of Finance , Foreign Affaires, Education , etc and write the laws to safeguard our Country and others from further Financial Crises. I no longer want to read that Glass Steagall was 37 pages and the new litigious alternative may expand  to  30,000 pages? That is absurd!

I urge you to read the attached FT article by Martin Wolf providing a message to guide us: ” Keep it Simple”!

Financial Times,
Financial reform: Call to arms

Martin Wolf

Post-crisis efforts to bolster economies and create safer banks have only preserved a flawed system. More radical action is needed

Read the full article at:

I am ready to lead, write and interview others,  helped by an activist group,  ready to transform ideas into action backed change, making the MIDDLE CLASS, our Country and the Global Community a better place.  Give me the opportunity and the money to lead . It is  past time to act. Thank you for listening and responding. Wishing everyone only the best. Very truly yours, Joyce

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