PUBLIC ADVOCACY: An understanding of the Arab Players

refugee camp in Damascus 1/2014 UNRWA released
refugee camp in Damascus 1/2014
UNRWA released


There is an alternative to war?  However,  the Arab People have to want Peace and prosperity more then they want  to cling to the notion of  their State’s  Superiority  in the Middle East and elsewhere.  How much bloodshed will encourage ordinary people to rise up and say enough?   The Arab States have created ISIS, Al Qaeda , Hezbollah , Hamas, Al NUSRA , etc.

The Sunnis against the Shiites with Russia and now the US brought back into the fray. For what purpose? Unless you dissuade the Nation States from being “bad actors” on the world scene, you won’t rid the world of terrorism.

Fossil fuels have directly contributed to the rise of these newly wealthy World Players. The Saudis , the Iranians, the Qatari’s, have made a lot of money on the export of oil. They value their wealth and the power it brings.  They prefer War Games. Their people are pawns, as the ruling classes of these Countries retain their wealth.   These countries do not support moderates, they don’t support helping fellow Arabs out of poverty, they don’t support gender equality or education and job opportunities.

Sure, the Oxford or American educated elite of the Arab Nations are suave and charming and easy to talk to, but they are like the Janus mask, two faced. They appear perfectly reasonable while they fund terrorists activities. Each Arab World Player wants a sphere of influence in the Middle East.   It is obvious Middle Eastern Arab leaders don’t care how many fellow Arabs die.

If they cared about their Muslim brothers and sisters, they would fund real schools and invest in real businesses for the growth and well being of their  Middle Eastern constituencies.


I heard the Russian Ambassador speak on Bloomberg this morning and the moderator asked Lavrov, if he felt vindicated by backing Assad?  As a Politician, he evaded the subject.  However, let’s not forget that Syria’s civil war began after a drought and  people were starving.    Rather then understanding that the People were hungry, fighting broke out.  The denial  of civil liberties and food shortages gave rise to the extremist factions we are fighting today.  Were the borders controlled under Assad?   You bet.  Did Iran and maybe Russia, allies of each other and Assad,  fuel the flames of Civil Unrest by denying the needs of the  Syrian People?  It looks that way.  What was the outcome?  New Sunni Terror groups filling the void that was created by Assad when he failed to feed his people.


It’s sad to note:  Better the enemy you know, then the new one you create. There were no porous borders under Assad. Isn’t there away to meet with Russia, Syria and Iran and  all other factions involved to call a halt to the civil war that has been inflamed by them? Is there no way back from this abyss ? Isn’t there some way to offer food and water and rebuilding to this Country and then let the people decide who should rule? Isn’t anyone willing to try or to listen?


It’s too easy to bomb people back to the Stone Age.  The collateral damage is massive as people, antiquities, commerce and civilization ,  as we and they  know it, disappears.  Why not convene talks leading to a Unanimous cease fire? It would save the World’s people, stop the refugee migration and move toward stabilized Nation States.   The UN is in session this week, perhaps we can take hot air off their agenda and replace it with real decisions on Climate Change and the curtailment of War in the Middle East. As a New Yorker,  it would be refreshing to  expect more then grid lock in our City when the UN is in Session!

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