PUBLIC ADVOCACYY: AN Arab Morality Play with 3 Acts

Lincoln Center "The Plaza" NYC
Lincoln Center “The Plaza”

All the World’s a stage. If true, I don’t care how small my bit part is, I want to be a Player. Paying to be the audience sucks. It’s the opposite of real theater. In real theater, we pay for the performance and if we don’t like the actors, we can leave, throw rotten tomatoes, or give them a bad critique. Then the  play would close within 24 hours.

In real life. We watch the World’s players on our Global stage and we’re expected to stand mute. If we utter a word of dissent , it could literally ” be off with our heads”? What kind of play is that? When did the audience lose their rights?

Well, I don’t know about you, dear reader, I have a voice and I’m using it. I would urge all the World’s citizen’s to do the same. Who wants to be passive, when we are drawn onto the World’s stage . Might as well choose to be involved, because politics effects us all and ” we don’t want to lose our heads”!

Maybe the World was always like it is today, but we,  the audience hadn’t a clue? Now, with the advent of Social Media, we know what’s happening.   Just like ” all the women” hitting their heads against the Glass Ceiling, we are no longer content with understanding the status quo. We want what is our right?

Years ago, while working at Ford Motor Co, I noted  to myself that true equality for women would occur when a ” mediocre ” woman was paid the same as a ” mediocre” man.  Unfortunately,  after almost 40 years, women are still “hitting their heads against THE GLASS CEILING”.  Before, we didn’t know the ceiling existed.  Now we know and can’t do anything to break through it?


Which leads me to my next thought on my and your position in life?  Now that we have become  aware of our ” station” in life, we have the right to expect better from our leaders.    As Social Media has transformed our World views, our leaders remain stuck in the 20th Century and cling to the status quo.  This is unacceptable in a World that has become “smaller”, as all the World’s citizens begin to “see each other”?


The cycle of violence which dominated the 20th Century, should not be acceptable in the 21st.  It’s not too late.  Our Century is in it’s 14th year.  According to our scientists, we have 15 years to make meaningful decisions for the salvation of man.  Taking up the “club”, “bombing ” people out of exisitence is the “old way ” of dealing with problems.  Surely we can be more creative, more compassionate, when we want to preserve life and our Planet?


If our Arab brothers wish to distance themselves from the monsters they have created,  by acting in concert to destroy them:  that would help the World enormously.  The ” Caliphates” of old should not be able to flourish in this New World.    It’s time  to give up “old Scapegoats” and address the quality of Arab societies and the well being of their People,  before mankind goes extinct!

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