PUBLIC ADVOCACY: ” Write in” your candidate and Vote your choice. Play to “WIN”.

I’ve been thinking about the midterm elections and other elections in our Country.   I have questions about our current system of voting?  Where is it written , ” we the People”, have to Vote for only the candidates listed on the ballot:  those Politicians named and supported only by their Parties?  Why do we vote for ” the Hacks ” who work for themselves and not for us? Why not write in our own selection for Public Office?  It’s a time honored procedure.

Why stay away from the polls because we are disgusted with the system and feel helpless? Here’s my thought? Write in a candidate of your choice. You read right, no one can stop a write in campaign and past experience shows us, it’s been successful for winning.primaries , why not “elections”?   Look up” Write in campaigns”  in Wikipedia for further information on it’s effectiveness.

In New York, you could write me in for Governor or Zephyr Teachout and Tim Wu for Lt. Governor.  Our  choice,  “we the People ” decide!    Why restrict our options by conceding to the status quo?  Change the rules and you change the game. We the People have Power and we should start exercising our Power as soon as possible.

If you want to play to win, understand the rules for your state and start mobilizing everyone you know to write in the candidate of your and their  choice;   not the Designated Party Choice.   Use the Law to our advantage and eschew Crony Capitalism in favor of “We the People, for the People”.  It is the only way to take back our “Power”.

We don’t have much time to implement our choices, but it’s a beginning. Don’t be despondent, we have nothing to lose but our DEMOCRACY. Start today and today becomes the  day  when we take a giant step for “mankind” in our Nation.   I have one more suggestion: take time this evening to marvel at the Sunset, it’s been breathtaking in NYC. Have a great day and please let me know what happens.

We have a voice, we have a choice and Politics Effects Us!

PS: If you want to see what man can accomplish, when he tries to break records.  Enjoy Alan Eustace’s 15 min of fame, as he breaks the World Altitude Record, 25 miles above our earth.

Have a great day!

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