PUBLIC ADVOCACY: Stand up for Israel discusses Secutirty in Israel & recent events

JerusalemFactSheet  As Posted by Jerusalem U.

my photo/Jerusalem/10/13
my photo/Jerusalem/10/13

Dear readers:

I have enclosed  the Jerusalem’s U Fact Sheet on the events occurring in Israel, starting with the kidnapping and murder of the three Israeli Teens this summer.  The report ends, today, as Mickey Rosenfeld , Israel’s spokesman presents recent developments in Jerusalem.

Based upon the questions asked, one can assume that calm has returned to Jerusalem.  Measures have been taken to block the entry to the light rail system by using concrete blocks, similar to those seen in NY.  Cameras were  already in place on the rails, leading the Police to the identity of  a “Lone Terrorist “.   ( The first incident to occur in Jerusalem was not ” state sponsored”)  However, yesterday’s attack on Subway riders, was in fact linked, to a man with Hamas credentials.

Israel is asking for calm and is attempting to prevent attacks from occurring.   They are concerned with the the Security of Israel and do not want these single incidents and tensions to escalate and incite people  in other areas of the country.  Keeping the Peace in the Country is everyone’s concern.   Laws may change to reflect the severity of these threats to National Security.  Israel is  considering holding parents responsible for the crimes of their children, by imposing a a stiff financial penalty on the parents.  Their ” Kids ” are throwing stones, fire crackers and Molotov cocktails at the Police.  What should a civilized society do?  Room for debate.

We have choices when Politics effects us.  Looking forward to you comments.  All the best.


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