PUBLIC ADVOCACY: Step Up for Israel & Jerusalem

My Grandson & I touring Israel 2011
My Grandson & I touring Israel 2011

Today’s Step Up For Israel call with Israel Police Foreign Press Spokesman, Superintendent Micky Rosenfeld, where he briefed us on the security situation in Jerusalem.

While the police and security services are doing a heroic job at trying to curb the terrorist attacks and rioting that is taking place here in Jerusalem, many people feel helpless and angry, and are wondering “what can we do to make a difference”?

Jerusalem U encourages you to Step Up For Israel and counter the negative and untrue narrative – that Jerusalem it is a tinderbox of extremist aspirations waiting to explode, or a place where religious freedom is being suppressed by the government. Allowing these false perceptions to remain unchallenged gives them legitimacy.

There is a critical role that each of us can play in the battle for the perception of Jerusalem, both abroad and within Israel. Here are a number of ways that you can Stand Up For Israel and Jerusalem:

Click here to access the recording of the briefing with Superintendent Micky Rosenfeld and share it on your social networks so others can be informed about the situation.

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