PUBLIC ADVOCACY: #Step up for Israel/Update on events in Jerusalem

Four Jews were killed and several more were critically injured in a terrorist attack in a Jerusalem synagogue, early Tuesday morning. Below is more information about the attack and suggestions for how you can show solidarity.

Image from Location in Har Nof

The two Palestinian suspects are residents of the East Jerusalem neighborhood Jabel Mukabaer. This morning, they entered the Kehilat Yaakov Synagogue with a pistol, knives and axes and went on a rampage, indiscriminately shooting and stabbing Jews in the midst of their morning prayers.

To learn more about the terrorist attack, click here
To learn about Hamas’ glorification of the attack click here
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In response to this horrific tragedy, we invite you to take a moment and reflect about the lives and families that were shattered, and the impact of the increasing terrorism in Jerusalem.

To my readers:  Thanks for reading and if you have family or friends effected, I offer my sympathies.

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