PUBLIC ADVOCACY: Have the People spoken?

For two weeks I have been mulling over what to say to you, my “dear readers”.  I’ve questioned, “Have the People spoken”? By voting in the Republican Party, have the people chosen? Clearly, whether one argues that this was hardly a mandate, it is an acknowledged fact that The Republicans won.

Why did the Republicans win?  There are many reasons, but I’d like to present some of the reasons Republicans have gotten a clean sweep and became  the majority party.

  • Money in Politics according to The PBS News Hour , does bring in the votes. In every major win , money for TV ads swung the vote in favor of the candidate with the largest campaign war chest.
  • Possibly,  the People voted for The Republican Party because they admire those who have made money and wish, that they too , could be equally as fortunate?   Since” Hope springs eternal”,  maybe the Republican majority,  will remember their roots: The Party of Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt and Nelson Rockefeller . All had Democratic hearts and the Republican mindset for good government, “for the People, by the People.”

Looking back on the last 7 years of Gridlock, has been disheartening.  I’m  certainly not proud of our lack of Congressional vision.  The Democrats failed to deliver a just society to “we the people” who craved Financial Reform above all other matters of State.

  • 7 years and no end of the recession.
  • 7 years and the Financial Regulations written are incomprehensible and unenforceable .
  • 7 years of creating the appearance of a” Nanny state”  that gutted The Middle Class
  • 7 years of low wages, over work and more temporary jobs then most people prefer.
  • We have created customized government for the few when we should be creating good government ,  a “Goldilocks government ” !  Not too big, not too small, just right.    Remember the 80/20 rule of business?  Satisfy 80% of “we the people” and we can survive once again in the pursuit of our inalienable rights.

I cringe when ever I hear, we’ll wait for the Republican’s to leave office in two years? Or we’ll wait for the Democrats to take back all houses of Congress and by 2018 we’ll start to see progress?    Are we so jaded that we would push 7 years of this status quo  into a decade of stagnation?  That’s what’s predicted for Europe.  A lost decade!  What about the needs of “we the people”?  How much longer do you want to wait while the Financial crisis still continues to loom large in our lives and effect us daily?   According to NPR, based on their informal polls, Financial Regulation and Reform is the #1 topic of importance to the American Public.   For AMERICA to create a stratified economic and more just society we need sensible regulation.

  • Too bad we wasted so much time on Dodd Frank, it’s time for someone to reread it and pare it down to manageable law.
  • The same is true of the Affordable Healthcare Law. A great idea, good for Society, but now we need to tweak it for ease of use and affordability for everyone.
  •  Citizens United, an interesting concept ,  that works better then expected.  It does in fact verify that more money in Politics,  buys more votes .  It selects the Candidate with the largest campaign war chest and the “best” TV ads.  It would be better, if the People with money, chose their candidate and raised the money for that candidate with minimal candidate participation?    Why waste time and money?   It takes only  a couple of hours to create good commercials, then insert the candidate where ever needed.   Or use social media and cut down on costs? The objective, Legislators work on the “People’s business”, not fund raising .   Sarbane’s had a better idea and so did  McCain Feingold .

I’ve lived too long with my foot straddling the middle and  lower upper classes to know that there are a lot of People out there missing out on Society. I know people are unemployed, under employed, there is fraud at all levels of Society. Now it’s time to join with The Republican majority and speak  for the changes, “we the people” in the Middle Class want.

Selfie taken 10:05 AM 11/7/14
Selfie taken 10:05 AM 11/7/14

.  While attending conferences this fall, many folks said they were concerned about President Obama’s legacy?   If you really care about Obama, do not remain silent.  If you really care about America, do not remain silent.  The “Silent Majority”, all 360,000,000 of us have the Power to change our world,

If you  stay securely in your milieu, everything stays the same. But if you really care about changing our world , we can do it. Why waste another minute?

Are you with me for yourselves, for Obama, for the Republicans and for our Country? We have choices to make, now.

I will continue to help you  understand how Politics effects us and link Web sites to my Blog that I think bring issues of concern to the forefront.  If you love and revere America,  Our Democracy,  let everyone in Government know what’s important to you.  A concerted effort by all of us is mandated. Let’s work together, whether Democrat,  Republican or Independent,  to make the country we want with the people we have elected.   You have my voice, it is your choice, when Politics effects us.

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