The voice of Joyce: Our need for a Third Party

2cb02eeec022aaa6acf4eaae43f1cd69-1The Letter I Ascends, Part 2-01(1)I read the news today, Oh No!!! If you think we don’t need a third party, or a third party is the last resort of the confused, you’re wrong.
Rather then taking a global view of what’!s happening, the ideologues are sticking their head in the sand barely acknowledging the suffering of the masses. All they see is the same tried and true methods, min wage on one side, cutting taxes on the other.
AN OP ED (commentary) in the NY TIMES, states that the Financial services industry are going elsewhere. If we had universal tax rates, they’d stay put. But no, our laws encourage large corporations to chase ever lower taxes and labor to improve their profit margins, at who’s expense? Our expense. If there is a cut in real estate taxes, the people pay. If there is a cut in wages, the people in the Middle Class suffer. Does anyone say, ” we need to create a better society with more jobs for more people”? I haven’t heard it. Nor have I heard “their plan”?   Please say no,  to  those Plutocrats who know nothing of the needs of the people,  no matter how sincere they may appear.
Not convinced?  The Financial Times, states in 10 yrs Bankers will look back on these times and feel as if the worst is over. For them it is, for us, not so sure! As they discuss, ring fencing retail banks, the rest of their business is not catering to the needs of small business, or their clients.
Last weekend, Gretchen Morgenson, cited the exhorbitant fees paid to hedge funds overseeing State Pensions. She further mentions, an obscure book, I purchased it , but haven’t read  yet, entitled, ” Where are the Shareholders Yachts”, written 1945.

  •   Evidently, it takes a long time for reality to sink in. My son says he was aware of our state of inequality in 2000, it took me till 2008. It’s 2015. How many more years before all the people,  realize they out number the elite classes who are destroying them?   That’s why we need a third party and a third way.

Help me name our party.  Several names have been suggested.  So far, I like, “American’s Speak”.  This is an ongoing contest, with prizes.  Those interested,  please submit your name for our Party as you continue to comment and share my Posts.  I now have over 700 positive comments to answer.   Please , dear readers and followers,  work with me and give me your support and the tools to help you. Together,  we really can change our world!

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  1. Re: cutting taxes/Supply Side Theory Do you still have Thomas Piketty’s book? If so, go to the middle of page 510. He debunks the Supply Side Theory. Chad

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    1. Hi have you read the latest Posts. I did cite Piketty. The Periscope broadcast will continue daily at 11am. 300 listeners Any comments. Please share. Thanks for your support. Joyce

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