The Voice of Joyce: #StopInequalityAmendConstitution 

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Until ” we stop whistling in the grave yard”, and wake up, we will be enslaved to a system of Inequality. One that is designed to perpetuate itself.

I attended the NYU Law Center conference , 7/22/15,  on the Public Option (Public Campaign Financing)  v Money in Politics for Politicians.   It became clear, though a few states have an” imperfect” public option in place , it is not effective, except at the lower levels of government , where big bucks aren’t necessary to elect local politicians.   At the Federal level ;  the Congressional level, The Presidential level, money speaks and rules, it is all pervasive.
The system is designed to keep money flowing to those in power. According to the esteemed Panelists, Citizens United assured the unlimited  and sometimes illegal flow of money to Politicians.

  • This flow of money has to be maintained on a constant basis. It’s hard work to please your donors.  Serving the will of the People becomes theirimages secondary job.. Those elected to Congress, work on average 3 days a week!
    The other 4 days are spent talking to fund raisers , the money machine ; lobbyists, Billionaires, influential donors.
  • Our Federally elected officials are not funded by their Party, rather they fund their Party thru the money they raise.  It’s a vicious cycle.  They need the money to get the job, then they  need more money to stay in a position of Power.
  • Sadly, it’s not hard work, or length of time in office determining who gets to chair prestigious committees.  $400,000 gets you onto the influential “Ways and Means ” committee.

Sad to hear. It means unless and until the cycle of money is stopped, one Man, one Vote along with our Democracy has been hijacked. Think about it? Do you wish this state of inequality to continue? If we do nothing, it will. We have a choice when Politics effects us.

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