The Voice of Joyce: Ari Shavit

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2cb02eeec022aaa6acf4eaae43f1cd69-1As a member of the reform Jewish Community, I have televised the Israeli Author Ari Shavit uncut, live. As an advocate of Transparency in journalism I believe everyone’s point of view should be available for discussion.
This is Ari Shavit’s opinion. Listen and you decide.  Ari Shavit further emphasises his disappointment with the Israeli moderates.
To interject, we can not tolerate the silence of the majority here at home either. We are leaving our Middle Class behind. This may be the same problem in Israel as well.
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  1. Joyce, Where is the link to the video? I would like to see it. PS: I was sitting at your table at the luncheon.

    1. Hi again. Nice to have met you. I will attempt to upload the video on U Tube tomorrow. It was saved to my camera roll. All the best Joyce

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