Joyce: America Speaks Periscope 11am Monday:my confession

Dear followers:

I keep thinking what do I have to do to get you excited about change?  I’ve lived with my disappointment over both parties for years.  One person can make a difference, is it me?


When I started writing, I wanted to educate you and show you that both parties have failed us, “we the People”.  I was a registered Democrat, clearly disappointed by our Fiscal Policies and our lack of accountability.  While I stand for Social Justice for all, I also stand for Fiscal accountability for all projects.  However I am mindful that accountability means responsibility and responsible government in all programs;  the military, FDA,NIH,Mining, the environment, etc.


When I started to run for President, I thought, I could be better then who ever is running.  I believe in real compassion for folks, but I’ve been a tough but fair businesswomen.  I’ve had many careers.  Perhaps I haven’t taken myself seriously, therefore, why should you?  So, I’m thinking, do I really want to be your leader, I can lead, but I’m disappointed in the progress I’ve made.  I really believe 2016 is a pivotal election.


If we don’t change our status quo before then.  We’ll take many more years to change our World.  President Obama, said in January, he welcomes a grass roots movement to change our Society from the bottom up.  I’ve tried.  I thought I had succeeded.  However, when I published America Speaks phamphlet, I felt another “big snooze”.  There was no fanfare, no acknowledgement, worse, some of my own followers, were too busy to attend our Periscope meeting to help spread the word that we had a platform.  Where am I?  Have I reached anyone’s radar?  Should I have gone to Shul, grabbed the microphone and proclaimed my status to another 100 people, or see my grandson at Track.  I chose track and that may have been my mistake.  It said I wasn’t serious about my self.  So I’m thinking what comes first, your support or my constant persistence that together we can change the world.  I really believe one person can make a difference.  So, I will try to get that microphone however I can.


Time is of the essence.  If we want change.  We all have to work for it.  Once again.  I need your help.


Thank you.  I know this was a rant, but these thoughts have plagued me for awhile.  I can be a good leader, I just want to do better and do it sooner.  What do you suggest?  Thank you for listening.  I look forward to your contributions.


“the heart and pulse of the Middle Class”

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