THE VOICE OF JOYCE : no more silence

  • What’s wrong with our Nation?  We are destroying people’s lives?  
  • Have you read the times today, oh no, it’s the human condition.  Too sad for words. We are destroying our youth in more novel ways then I can count.  No wonder no one grows up or wants to leave home in EUROPEAN Countries,  it’s safe and cheap to live with Mamma.
  • If you’re a Black man in America,  the statistics are frightening.  1.5 million black men in this Nation have either died or have been incarcerated.  The Black community will be decimated by the disproportion of Black women to men. For every hundred women, there are 85 men. That’s bad for reproduction, it’s bad for family stability, income mobility.  You name it , Society has deteriorated at a rapid pace. 
    As if it’s not bad enough that we’re decimating the Black population between the ages of 25-54. We’re also destroying our schools through excessive testing and reliability on testing as a measure of teacher effectiveness. When I went to school, our schools were measured by a Regents score, SAT’s and the student’s ability to get into College. We’ve taken the fun out of learning and teaching and substituted quantitative testing for analytical thinking. What happened to the Joy of Learning? We have to ask ourselves,  how can kids learn when they have no stable family unit or they’re homeless and have no food? We are making work harder for teachers by giving them few resources.  Why should teachers be responsible for Society’s failure to provide meaningful work to the poor and middle class?
    When 500,000 people apply for less then a thousand affordable housing units, we have a problem. The statistics do not begin to outline the misery and human suffering evident in our Society. Read my Tweets from the Times today and you decide dear reader, do we have a society we want to live with?  Or do we want to change?   We have choices to make when politics affects us. 

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