AmericaSpeaks TheVoiceOfJoyce #Quantitive Easing (QE) for the Middle & Lower Classes.

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Since President Trump is in a giving mood, I have a suggestion. Now that contractors, healthcare workers, construction workers, Uber drivers & “ghost workers” are susceptible to Covid 19, save money and give 154 million Americans making $75,000 or less $2500/each totaling $425 Billion.

That’s not an $800 Billion tax cut for Corporations . It’s half the money from Treasury and would be a stimulus package. That money would recirculate back into society and keep sick people home, avoiding the spread of Covid 19.

Please note: Whatever money we are spending now on vaccine platforms will be ongoing. If we don’t stop the planet from warming, we will release other viruses from the melting permafrost. Confronting new viral strains will occur, along with the extremes in weather patterns we’re experiencing at an unpredictable schedule. Be prepared for shifting expenses toward Healthcare and survival.

In addition, we’ll need to invest in new drugs. They won’t be as profitable as treating systemic illnesses. However, they’re a necessity to maintain the health of Society. All societies! We’re a Global Community.

In fact, as a Global Community, we’ll need many State sponsored platforms to decode and treat new viruses as they appear. These viruses and expenditures may not have been on anyone’s radar before . They are now. This is a new problem presenting a new opportunity for growth and equality.

The “white swans”, ( a stock market correction & a pandemic ), as predicted by Nouriel Roubini are here. Don’t panic. We will adapt and change to save lives and thrive.

The heart and pulse of “We the People”.

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