AmericaSpeaks TheVoiceOfJoyce The best information on New Rochelle Quarantine from my best friend.

Please read, read the links, try not to get unnecessarily distressed.The media is very destructive.

There is no quarantine except for people associated with known cases. Everyone else is free to move about. BBC, CNN, Forward, etc ARE JUST PLAIN WRONG AND TRYING TO INFLAME THE PUBLIC..

There are not, nor will there be, troops and tanks in the street and checkpoints. There is a good likelihood that most people in the world will have subclinical covid-19 infections. That’s what a pandemic is. They are still infectious and would do themselves and others good by staying home. Others will be mild-moderately sick. Definitely stay home.

The Very sick likely will require hospitalization. Call the health department where you live. Don’t congregate, don’t panic.  

We are not under house arrest. There are no tanks or soldiers in the streets, nor are they expected. The National Guard is coming to provide food for people who should have been staying home and for people who met in and/or used schools and senior centers and churches as major sources of food. And to clean places of public assembly now closed – schools, senior centers, religious institutions, etc. And hopefully not to carry the virus back where they come from…

And, a bunch of girls from Ursuline HS, just outside the containment area, took a school trip to Rome and just came back. From Italy. To their loving families and school mates & soul mates…

Ladies and gentlemen, this is how exponential transmission works.

Most infections will be subclinical, so you won’t be sick but may infect other people. A few people will feel blah and go on with their lives rather than staying home as they should. And a still smaller number will be very sick and may need hospitalization. This is basic epidemiology. Basic science. Life.

the newest Medicare advice is:

· Avoid crowds, especially in poorly ventilated spaces with limited air circulation.

· Defer all cruise ship travel worldwide, particularly if you also have underlying health issues.

· Avoid situations that put you at increased risk, including non-essential travel such as long plane trips. and my advice is, wash your hands, etcand after you wash hands & face when you get home, change your clothes. and if you are ill, stay home

and if you want a professional viewpoint,

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