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Dear followers
After 2 weeks of self confinement in NYC, I miss walking outdoors. Otherwise, I’ve found Zoom and it’s made me socially active and connected to friends and the Global Community.

I’m sharing Hygiene advice and recommendations from Technion in Israel, along with info on the feasibility of new “Cures”. Today, after reading several articles, I know the Pharmaceutical Industry, has at least 24 drugs, to repurpose for Covid 19. There is scientific experimentation in our future. Done correctly, we may have several options.

  • The entire Globe is experiencing the same economic and social problems .
  • If you can’t test for this virus, social distancing works, along with self isolation. The quicker we flatten out the contagion curve, the quicker we can get back to business.
  • Our objective is not to overburden our Healthcare system, when the equipment is limited. We don’t want to become Italy, unable to care for too many sick and elderly!
  • That’s why I recommend the President enact The Defense Products Act. This is no time for playing favorites. The automakers want to do their part. They have vacant plants and unemployed workers willing and capable of making ventilators, respirators, whatever we need to equip our hospitals. Others want to contribute to ramping up equipment manufacturing to help Americans, too!
  • We could all return to work, if we had testing, heat sensors at the least in all public facilities, masks and gloves.

You’re probably wondering why it’s taking so long to pass a relief bill for Americans. TRUMPsGOP proposal deserved to be denied. Quite simply, it doesn’t give enough benefits to us. It gives more benefits to Large Corporations for 6 months , with no transparency. Meaning, we won’t know who got the money or how it was spent. Any bail out to Corporations, should be known and conditional on the following:

  • No corporate stock buybacks or dividends
  • The Corporation must continue to pay employees
  • Executives must suspend executive bonuses.

The Democrats are trying to provide a safety net for vulnerable Americans, first.

  • I propose , QE for the Middle & Lower Classes. Cash checks for 154 million Americans @$4500 each, Seniors, working, not working, making $75,000 or less, 18 & older.

We’ll get through this Pandemic, a more connected Country. Americans always had a “can do” spirit. I’m convinced we still have it. Have a blessed day.

The heart and .pulse of “We the People”.

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