AmericaSpeaks TheVoiceOfJoyce Steve Clemons of “The Hill” interviews former Senator Bill Frist on YouTube:

Tune in! I watched this interview today and thought you might find it helpful and informative, too! Bill Frist echo’s Fauci and asks for more tests, to determine our Country’s readiness to return to work. He’s been preaching this advise for 15 years and faults our current Politicians for not thinking “Long Term” and politicizing “Back to work”, over the necessity of testing and the need for Protective Gear.

  • He believes, policy should be left to the Scientists. As Fauci has stated, the virus has no Boundaries. We need long term planning and immediate Global cooperation.

Nothing short of a Global effort and many biological platforms working together, will resolve our need for testing, contact tracing and a vaccine. Let the Scientists work. The financial outlay is several $Billions and it’s possible we’ll have a vaccine in 6-9 months.

Until a vaccine is on the market, there is no advice to integrate seniors back in to the work force. They’re vulnerable and can’t be surrounded by asymptomatic carriers.

People over Profits for now and in the foreseeable future. On going Healthcare expenditures is advised along with ongoing biological platforms for viral & pathogen analysis, testing, and vaccines.

  • Getting ahead of the Healthcare curve, save lives!

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