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Episode # 28 I discuss our Present and Future.

So many fissures have been exposed in small governmental administration. We now know, we need healthcare, infrastructure, logistics, worker protection, education & connectedness; with WIFI , broadband or computers .

We can wait for 6 months for a new Administration or we can insist on worker rights now. Give employees the protective equipment they require. Slow the lines, stagger the work force and maintain social distancing. Let the workers & management determine, if and when, a working environment is safe.

Implement a bill of rights for workers & liability insurance for their protection.

Then , we need logistics to bring food to the food insecure and all Americans.

If you follow the scriptures, every life has value.

None of us wants to remain in self quarantine indefinitely. However, until we have testing and a vaccine, that’s our plight.

I believe in our “can do spirit “ and the future is our making.

The heat and pulse of “We the People “.

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