The Path Forward: Future of Train Travel – The Washington Post

William J. Flynn is the new president and CEO of Amtrak, taking over the country’s passenger railroad service in the middle of a pandemic. Amtrak had its best year ever in 2019 only to experience a 95 percent drop in ridership these past few months. Despite reducing service and taking substantial steps to shrink operating costs, Amtrak is seeking supplemental funding from Congress in order to be viable next year and beyond. Will new safety measures and a fleet of high speed trains lure riders back when the country reopens? Join Washington Post Live on Monday, June 29 at 10:00 a.m. ET.
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Listening to Amtrak live on the Washington Post site. They will require Masks, total automation of ticketing. 50% Capacitiy on all trains. You will be able to get service or pick up of food behind plexiglass. There will be fresh air circulating. They say, they’ve consulted with their European counterparts and have been awarded close to $4 Billion for Maintence and penetration into other markets. Transportation is a necessity for many areas. Rural communities need greater access to trains. We’ll have to determine, how and where and what kinds of transportation is required in every Community.

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