AmericaSpeaks TheVoiceOfJoyce Periscope 11am @JoyceSilver & my YouTube Video #36 Black Activism of 20 yr. old

Dear followers: I invite you listen to both. Why does the media portray acts of selfishness, when the Polls and individuals are uniting, listening to each others stories and actively helping African Americans, Hispanics and other minorities achieve Racial and Social Justice?

  • Last week, on Epi #35 I, interviewed my friends on YouTube, they’ve been activists all their lives, collaborating with the University of Massachusetts to heighten the awareness of the African American Experience in the region.
  • They’ve started a non profit, to fund African American cultural projects and the storage of African Cultural Archives, in the Great Barrington, restored, A & E Church.

Today, my interview with Jasmine Cartwright Atkins, depicts the activism of our youth. Jasmine is 20 yrs old and we’ll listen to her story and passion for bringing change to the Educational studies of her Community, Moorestown, New Jersey. Luck for her, she has by in from the Mayor and has presented her document for African American studies to their Board of Education. Her agenda, was crafted in Collaboration of a New Advisory Council.

The links to this interview , are included. I do hope you’ll choose to listen to parts of my interview with Wray and Cora and Jasmine’s interview as well.

Wishing everyone all my best wishes.

The Heart and pulse of “We the People”.

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