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Dear followers: I listen & I read and I’ve become discouraged that Americans are not interested in Solving our Covid infection rates.

Austin Texas is limiting viral spread with partial lockdowns and no schools will open in September except on line.

Ask a virologist, if they’ll dine out and the answer is Never under these conditions.

We are pinning our hopes on a vaccine and no one knows if they’ll be effective or available within the next 6 months.

Some have recommended a total shutdown of our National Economy for 3 weeks to crush the virus. Once and done. However, you’ll need testing & tracing, masks & social distancing for those still testing positive.

Testing is the key to controlling infection spread. We’re at 2% of the population. The Rockefeller Foundation will get us to 10% in 6 months. The best idea is Rapid Tests. Not those undertaken by NIH. The rapid tests suggested by Dr Michael Mina on Microbe TV.

Why are we resistant to using these rapid tests? They are a game changer and they do work. They are available Now.

Why are we tolerating no action on defeating Covid and not responding to 150,000 deaths. Have we totally lost our sense of reality, our feelings, our empathy?

The misery from this virus is real. People are dying. 31+ million are unemployed. They can’t go back to work , there are no jobs. Instead of providing solutions and a social safety net, we are allowing Trump to widen divisions within our Society? Why? Is it easier to hate each other, than to accept the fact that Trump & TrumpsGOP don’t care about us or our vote? They only care about a social safety net for Big Businesses. Big Businesses like Covid has no boundaries and money makes no distinctions among those of different colors, ethnicity or religion.

When do “we the People “ say enough. BlackLivesMatter has said enough. What about poor and middle class Americans of every race, religion and color? When do you stand up for equal justice and equal economic growth?

The choice is ours. We have created this Gilded Age and we can remove it, when we vote in November. 46 million who have never voted, now is your chance to change history. Now is your chance to strengthen Democracy. Vote!

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