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#648, Life of Learning one of the best virology episodes to date on managing the Corona Virus Pandemic.

Take away all other theories, we have to test our way out of Lockdown & this Pandemic. There is a definite place in society for these Rapid Simple Frequent Tests. They’ll alert us to the earliest stages of Covid. That’s the point, stop the Outbreak before they start.

We won’t have to Lockdown, we can go back school and work. We’re unnecessarily prolonging human and economic suffering by not employing these Rapid Tests. Why?

We’re still going to require masks and social distancing. A new experience that we’ll get used to. Wearing a Mask is not a political statement. Rather, it is an acknowledgement of the presence of the virus.

The mask protects us. Unmasked we can still become infected if speaking to someone who is 6 ft away. We need the mask to protect ourselves and others. It’s a small price to pay to avoid infection.

Remember, this is not the last or first Pandemic to occur. Be safe, do your part to restart the Economy and instead of protesting Mask wearing , embrace it and we’ll all survive & thrive.

We keep learning about ourselves and this virus. The quicker we learn the quicker we’ll accept new ideas and recover.

All my best wishes.

Have a blessed day.

The heart and pulse of “We the People “.

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