AmericaSpeaks TheVoiceOfJoyce My heart is breaking.

Dear followers:

Don’t fall into Trump’s traps. I know you’re suffering, check your anger and perhaps make great haste from all over our dear land to safe enclosed isolated tents in Washington, DC. Remember non violence. Trump and the SenateGOP have caused your misery, violence will be met with violence. Don’t give Trump & his cronies the opportunity to hurt us.

We want a relief and stimulus package. I’ve proposed a Basic Living Wage for all Americans making $75,000 or lower, working or not, older than 18 yrs of age, Medicare or Medicaid. Bernie Sanders, et al have proposed $1600-2000/month for everyone making less than $120,000, as long as we remain out of work. We’re not going back to work anytime soon, with the Virus raging in our States Either works, plus money for the States and money for RapidTests.

Our Society is polarized and it’s not helping, “we the People”. The wealthy are being tested daily. Trump is tested daily and Americans, we’re left with no controls, no stimulus and no rules to live by.

If we’re not ravaged by the virus, the heat or our own frustrations will kill us, as we take to the streets and vent our frustrations wantonly. Please stop. Look up and look at who’s causing your misery. It’s not other Americans. We;re all in this misery together.

We have a failed Government. Let’s not give Trump and TrumpsGOP the pleasure of having a failed state as well.

When you see the TRUTH, pick it UP! Don’t walk away from it or step over it.

The heart and pulse of “we the People”.

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