TheVoiceOfJoyce Where’s compassion in Government, perhaps this is a trait we should look for in our Statesmen & women. “We the People” are on their balance sheet, why would they wish us to suffer? Be Food insufficient, die of despair and lack of income? If Politicians have no feedback from the Public, what are they doing when they time off to see constituents? Are Politicians only Kleptocrats & have we the People ceased to exist ? If so, vote & vote overwhelmingly to vote Trump & TrumpsGOP out of office. Why should 329million Americans suffer because 51 Senators lack empathy & refuse to see how we live? TR would visit all People, why don’t they visit all our States & listen to our stories ? Failure to act is unacceptable, when so many are in distress. Elections start soon, vote them out overwhelmingly & vote by mail. The mail can’t be hacked!

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