TheVoiceOfJoyce CDC’s Redfield & Fauci stated 90% of the still at risk for Covid 19. Only a small fraction of the Country has become infected. Reality, some states have 24% of their population effected , while others are at less than 1% . If we ever want to resume living life, we need an aggressive National Rapid SalivaTest program, those frequent, daily, cheap, in your home tests, separating the healthy from the infectious. If we don’t Approve those tests now, continue to wear masks and social distance , we will still have the virus in America in 6 months. Without a major stimulus package &/or a Basic Living Wage America will fall into a deep Depression economically. Trumps policies & TrumpsGOP have worsened the lives of most Americans. Unless you’re the Uber wealthy or getting special benefits, unlike the rest of us left to suffer.–SgCxX-o7byWjdg

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