TheVoiceOfJoyce “Calling“ anyone in Philly , FairmontVotes needs 25 Poll Workers. Anyone interested, the sign up sheet is included in a short note. Thank you!

Our Philly partner, Fairmount Votes, is looking for 25 volunteers on Tuesday and 25 volunteers on Wednesday from 4 pm – 6 pm EST to do TEXTbanking. They have personally requested our help. If you can spare the time on top of your other volunteer job, or if you are currently waiting for an assignment, please sign up for a two-hour shift. Volunteers can sign up here.
From Fairmount Votes:
This may be the most important week of the 2020 Presidential Election. Today, mail-in ballots were sent to Philadelphia voters. Their vote will not count unless they return their ballot using the inner secrecy envelope and sign & date their declaration envelope. Can you help us reach 11,000 voters by Sunday to remind them how to return their ballots so their vote will be counted?

Thanks for volunteering and helping your City. All my best wishes.

The heart and pulse of “We the People “!

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