TheVoiceOfJoyce #EPI 50 today Populist Wishes!

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This week’s YouTube Episode, #50 Populist wishes.

Never forgetting my Middle Class Roots, I’ve recorded an agenda that works for “we the People”.

  1. Don’t believe our Super Spreader in chief, flaunting all the Covid rules to satisfy his impulses for attention, even if it means, many of you will become sick, super spreaders yourself, and other’s will die. When I go out, I wear a mask, Glasses, carry a spray bottle of Alcohol, wash my hands frequently and wear sterile gloves. When I eat out, it’s not elegant, ever try to sip wine through a straw under your face shield? Or daintily maneuver your fork under a face shield. It’s not easy. The benefits, I’m cutting down my exposure to Covid and my Cleaner is supported. HAHAHA.
  2. Trump is out and about, because he’s on a super high from the Drug Cocktails that were administered. He’s the only person in the World to be given Monoclonal antibodies, Remdesivir (an anti viral) and steroids. Additionally, he took Zinc, Vitamin D (ask your physician before self prescribing), melatonin and an aspirin. According to Dr Daniel Griffin, of Pro Health, and a regular contributor to TWIV, a podcast about viruses, Trump should not be out for 20 days after symptom onset. He must also have 2 consecutive negative tests for Covid. In his case, I’d like an independent Lab to test him and I don’t believe the Press should follow him at all. Maybe that will send him back to the White House where he belongs?
  3. We the People need a stimulus package. The Fed supports a stimulus package. It’s a necessity for “we the People” and for the preservation of our Economy. Why isn’t Stimulus #1 on Trumps agenda and TrumpsGOP enablers?
  4. With a substantial stimulus package, we could curb pollution and prevent “Gigafires”, toxic waters, toxic air, rising tides, floods and prepare the WIFI connections so many households lack. Building a strong America is priority #1. We know where our weaknesses are. If we’re to survive this Pandemic and others to come, we need a massive Infrastructure Bill.
  5. Prince William and Sir David Attenborough believe strongly in preserving our environment. They’re providing a challenge grant for $51 + Million, to be paid in increments of $1 Million, to 5 recipients a year. Open to Everyone!
  6. Let’s use our American Exceptionalism to create new jobs and generate the cash we need to survive and thrive. I’ve provided my ideas for revenue generation in previous Blogs and on my Platform. They’re now on YouTube.
  7. Revenue Generation: Place a 6 cent Transaction Tax on Derivatives & share in their profits. A trillion for US Taxpayers.
  8. Continue to pay FICA and payroll taxes, but exempt the first $120,000 and tax the salaries of everyone making over that threshold. Why should only the poor and Middle Classes pay taxes. Listen to my YouTube, there’s more.
  9. Institute a Clean Slate for Labor. Give Labor a say & a seat at the Corporate Board. Let Labor monitor Corporate safety.. There’s more, listen to my YouTube Episode #50.
  10. Thank you for reading. The heart and pulse of “we the People”!

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