TheVoiceOfJoyce Trump is our President. Under his watch, 75,000 people became infected yesterday. Our death toll has risen to 223,000. It’s over 300,000 when counting unexplained deaths of despair. The poor & middle classes are told that we are defined by our Jobs. Yet, jobs have been destroyed , some forever, some temporarily, by the Pandemic. This is not our fault. This is Trumps fault and the fault of TrumpsGOP. They have mismanaged their responses to the Pandemic & continue to do so. Trump , our President, may be signaling that a lack of manliness is associated with mask wearing. His attitude is directly contributing to more male deaths from the Pandemic and deaths of despair. Unfortunately, this makes perfect sense. We women have a job to do. Those we care about must be admonished for self deprecating attitudes of our loved one. We want our sons, fathers, brothers and male friends to survive and thrive, no matter what. If it’s the virus, live. Do whatever works & live. If it’s job loss that’s making you fought yourself, live. With the right administration, we’ll overcome all these temporary problems and learn to survive as a Community. Love yourself. Fell badly for losing work. I have and have survived. And acquire the attitude, no matter how alien, that this virus is not going to get me. Use your toughness to fight the virus the right way: with masks, social distancing and good hygiene. I carry a spray bottle of 70% alcohol wherever I go. It’s a chore, but worth it to me, I don’t want to die before my time! I won’t let Covid get me! In my mind, I’m tough!

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