TheVoiceOfJoyce FDA requirements for at home testing are absurd. Cheap at home tests are available now. Since you can use them easily on a daily basis, they don’t require the accuracy of a PCR test that measures dead virus particles, too! The rapid Saliva Tests, change color. They detect the viral infection when folks are asymptomatic and spreading infections. They may have several million copies of the virus. It’s easier to trace contacts. Why wait for people to become very sick and symptomatic, when you can have a cheap slightly less accurate test at home, allowing us to stop Outbreaks instant ly. We could go back to work and school with confidence. No Recession, if we change the guidelines. Dr Fauci approved! Listen to Microbe TV podcast TWIV #641. We have the capability to stop Outbreaks now, why aren’t we using the technology and scaling up for the entire population? Why do people have to become sick and perhaps die, when we have a solution now? See also: Dr Daniel Griffin & Dr Michael Mina & Dr Vincent Racinnelli! The experts. The NBA uses these tests, so does the entertainment industry. Why not everyone, all Americans, then the Planet. Wipe out Outbreaks and COVID-19!

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