TheVoiceOfJoyce EPI 680 Long term Covid ( ME/CFS) Listen 1 st hour.

Dear followers: perhaps you’ve had what’s commonly known as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. You may have had it for years and no Dr treats it seriously. Then, listening to the symptoms of Long Term Covid survivors, may shed some understanding of your own experiences.

Now that Physicians are becoming infected with Covid , they’re experiencing symptoms similar to ME/CFS.

What are those symptoms:

Chronic Fatigue

Rashes, hives

Breathing problems, exertion. Keep a Pulse Oximeter at home. If your blood oxygenation decreases to lower than 90, seek medical help. Sleeping on your stomach helps.

Neurological impairment: brain fog, headaches, sensitivity to light. Trouble concentrating.

Tachycardia, rapid heart beat. Swollen legs, joint pain.

All these symptoms occur after a mostly mild exposure to a viral infection. Don’t give up hope on Recovery, attention is now building in the Medical Community and there are support groups you can join globally. I, too, can share my experiences.

All my best wishes.

The heart and pulse of “We the People “

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