TheVoiceOfJoyce Wait a minute : If Trump didn’t veto the Bill, then it becomes Law in 10 days. No need to override. Form a separate Bill for relief checks and see who will sign it. Otherwise, this is another item to add to Biden’s to do list. A relief and stimulus package that puts millions to works. We have the projects: Internet connectivity, Education, Healthcare, RapidSalivaTests, cutting out the Middleman, Infrastructure & IT for Critical Infrastructure, pollution & pollutants, vulnerability of Natural Security to Russian hacking, a factual Social Media. Social media should be as originally intended to link people, not to spread misinformation, ditto for News Channels & Newspapers, nothing but the facts. Money for STEM subjects & Science, National Standards & enforcement of IRS, OSHA FDA, etc. lots of opportunities for work & improvements Merry Christmas!

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