TheVoiceOfJoyce We need a Biden buyin to a Federal over haul of the unemployment benefits. A program established in 1935. Less than 28% of recipients receive benefits. We don’t recognize the long term unemployed, those who never recovered from the Recession. We don’t retrain people either. Corporations pay too little into the system, yet they continue to lay off employees. With recovery not slated till the last quarter of 2021, how are people going to survive. They’re already behind in relief checks, forcing more into poverty. Senator Ron Wyden of Oregon is pushing for a Federal overhaul, Biden and Schumer should support this new thinking. It’s realistic and reflects our changing Corporations and employment structure. Stop the Filibuster and we can benefit “We the People “, the majority are depending on new ideas and a vital social & economic safety net. We’ll need it to come back from this Pandemic and other catastrophic events.

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