TheVoiceOfJoyce The Filibuster may be invoked by 40 Senators blocking Legislation that would pass with a simple Majority. It’s past time to abolish the Filibuster, which makes legislation difficult, imposing 60 votes for passage. Let’s have a strong Constitutional Democracy, rather than, a Democracy that can be eroded by an Authoritarian President. The Filibuster has also been used by Ted Cruz to draw attention to himself! The Filibuster has been abused for personal gain. It’s past time for the Senate to work fir the benefit of “We the People “. All that we feared:?weakened labor laws, denial of pollution, tax cuts for the wealthy , lack of a National policy to prevent outbreaks & Covid deaths have occurred because of a disdain for the needs of We the People! Abolish the Filibuster;It was never in the original Constitution!

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