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Are we Bi-Partisan or do we have one Party Legislating our Laws? It’s a mistake to think TrumpsGOP will cooperate with worthwhile ideas on Infrastructure, Democracy or any Law that benefits “We the People “. 

Let’s organize to assure passage of HR 1 & HR4, soon. 43 States are starting to pass Voter Suppression Laws. In 2022, there won’t be an oppositional vote. That’s why we need citizen action now. I’ve proposed solutions and I’m talking about John Boehner & “ the napping GOP”! 

Biden’s Agenda

Infrastructure will pass. 
Jobs will be created. Enough? 
We’ll see if , Justice is done in the George Floyd case? My opinion, this time, justice will be done. The World is watching.

Dystopian Films or our near Future?

The science behind 2 dystopian films: “Snowpiercer ” and “The Children of Men”
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