TheVoiceOfJoyce The US job market is undergoing flux as many are burnt out, feeling undervalued & quitting their jobs. 10 million are still unemployed. I understand Construction lagging because of temporary product inflation, I don’t understand why critical infrastructure fails to hire in house Professional IT to maintain their systems. We can’t afford to allow cyber crimes to continue. What happens, if an unknown Country decides to maliciously disable our transportation or electric grid. So far they’re phishing into our elections & data bases, it can be worse if not stopped. It made sense years ago and makes more sense nowadays. Our World is not only made up of hospitality, healthcare & education. We need service in many sectors of our Economy and better paying jobs for Everyone. We’re already looking to stop the race to the bottom in the Corporations. People no longer will tolerate a race to the in wages. That’s good for everyone.

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