TheVoiceOfJoyce TWIV #790 &#74 with Dr Daniel Griffin. The good news, the Vaccines work to prevent infections &hospitalizations 99+%. Those Vaccinated can spread the virus but it’s out of our system in 5 days. We’ve got to protect our kids. More kids are coming down with the Infection. Some are being hospitalized and a few die. To paraphrase Nelson Mandela, How we treat our children, defines our Society. If everyone were Vaccinated, we’d see a few 100 deaths per year. This summer 70,000 kids have gotten Covid. Protect them. FDA APPROVAL expected September along with approval to give the Vaccine to as young as 6 yr olds. One last Scientific fact, Monoclonal cocktails are the first line of defense against Covid, if you’re experiencing symptoms during the first week or test positive. They provide protection from severe Covid. If Vaccinated, stay out of crowds indoors & outdoors. Outdoors preferably, wear a mask! Social Distance. Be safe & stay well.

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