TWIV 793 with a Clinical Update by Dr Daniel Griffin. Vaccinate for our children! 100,000 cases of Covid in Kids. 1000’s are being hospitalized & many get Long Covid. This infection is being spread by the Unvaccinated. Masks in schools will save lives. Everyone Vaccinated will stop the Pandemic. Daily Antigen Tests, like Dr Mina’s Lick a Stick can identify infection early and stop outbreaks. So far the Vaccines are effective 6 months out. The Vaccinated can get the infection but not be sick. When 4 teachers died in Florida from Covid, they were unvaccinated. De Santis policy of No Vaccination & no masks is killing people. Why is there no outrage and a recall? After 20 months of Covid, what will it take to make Vaccine believers? Billions have gotten their shots Globally. If you’re a Christian & a Patriot, why wouldn’t you protect your family from infection or worse and your Community? 1 Unvaccinated person in our household increases everyone else’s chance of infection. Be responsible and get your Vaccinations. Don’t be responsible for more people becoming infected and possibly dying!

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