TheVoiceOfJoyce TWIV 797 with Clinical update from Dr Daniel Griffin #77. America has recently reported 175,000+ Children infected with Covid. 1 in 50 Children will be hospitalized. As our #’s of Hospitalized increases we could have 20 children a day dying from Covid. It costs the Healthcare system $2.8 Billion to care fir Covid patients and every Covid patient hospitalized pays $1000. It’s cheaper an safer to get the Vaccine. Why put yourself or Children at risk. Wearing a mask is less traumatic than hospitalization for Children. The goal is everyone Vaccinated. 93% of all patients in the Hospital with Covid are unvaccinated. The Vaccines are protection. The Vaccines are a cure. Fighting a virus is different than fighting disease. There are no options. If you get Covid, your immunity wanes in 6 months. Monoclonal antibody is a first line of defense, the cure for all of us is the Vaccine. We’re not safe till everyone is safe! Everyone get your Vaccinations. Don’t risk getting Covid. #ScienceUpFirst”


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