TheVoiceOfJoyce Climate extremes are destroying rural communities, communities that rely on the Colorado & now cities. Is it a priority? Not yet or we’d have Operation Warp Speed to counter the toxic effects of Fossil Fuels. It’s not happening. Since spending has increased exponentially, we know bail outs exist. We know the Global Monetary System is protected. Anything else a priority? Higher wages, voting rights , expansion of Medicaid, survival from the pollution unleashed by Weather Extremes , survival of Covid infections? No mandate& No Operation Warp Speed to prevent future pandemics. We the People are not a priority. Only the wealthy are making trillions. Who is going to reverse all these injustices? When do they start? Only when the Globalized Community realize employee lives have value for them. After all, we need people to pick our food and power the machinery of Civilization!

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