TheVoiceOfJoyce TWIV #800 Clinical update with Dr Daniel Griffin. RapidTests, those antigen tests, I’ve been discussing for a year, have 96% accuracy in detecting the Virus 2 days before symptom onset and 3 days afterwards. Be tested regularly and severe hospitalization is avoided. We’re not safe till everyone is Vaccinated. Our kids are becoming infected by the unvaccinated. Protect our children & your community and Get the Vaccination. If you want to listen to one parent’s battle with her child’s battle for life, listen the the last 5 minutes. It’s dreadful to watch your child gasp for life & oxygen. Also, it’s recommended that immunocompromised receive the Vaccine. Take your chances with the Vaccine, not Covid. Be well. It’s 2 years living with the Virus, let’s get Vaccinated and stop our the Outbreaks and resume living! We don’t want to be discussing Covid next year? Do you?

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