TheVoiceOfJoyce 300% more Covid patients in hospitals this year than last year. Unvaccinated advised not to travel. Patient care being rationed in Idaho & Hawaii. There’s only room for those who will survive. Why needlessly put yourself and family in danger? We’re lucky in America we have the Vaccine and that beats dying from Covid. We have masks to prevent transmission & outbreaks. Use them. Ignore the bad advice you’re getting from honey tongued politicians. They’re selling you death, not freedom. The 3 rd Reich did the same to lure people to the gas chambers. They told people, they were going on Vacation. They didn’t understand their fate, till they were huddled naked and gassed. Don’t go willingly to your potential death. This virus can be stopped by a Vaccine given for free on demand. Don’t listen to anyone and open your eyes. Teachers are dying. Your communities are dying. Get the Vaccine. Don’t stand helpless while your loved one dies without medical care!

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