TheVoiceOfJoyce Supply chain problems are a fraction of problems & understandable. We went from 0- demand. Vietnam has the Pandemic & manufactures 51% of all textiles & shoes, slowdowns That coupled with Low wages in many industries, people are rethinking the hospitality industry, understandable. Add lack of release of funds for the Families Act & women can’t enter the work force. They have no childcare. We’re not in a position to go back to full employment. We can’t flip a switch after 18 months to resume supply chains. It’s hard to absorb all goods and services at once when cash and procedures for allocating funds & labor on not in place here or Globally. Eradicating the Virus is still goal #1. Where is the $3.5 Trillion relief package, “We the People “ need it to resume life & commerce.

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