TheVoiceOfJoyce Pfizer has become the Vaccine of choice for 1.6 Billion +

According to the WHO the Vaccine market is $33 Billion worldwide. Countries in the Middle East, South America are lining up to receive the Pfizer Vaccine benefits.

The World understands , with Covid , there’s the potential for death and no Economy. Without Covid, our lives can resume.

No Country is back to normal yet. We have a way to go before hiring keeps pace with the unemployed and our supply chains catch up.

With better wages and benefits and openings in careers that support IT and New Clean Infrastructure, we can move forward into a better life.

In America, Biden’s Reconciliation Bills, the Families Act and the Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill are all necessary to ensure a good future, that’s more egalitarian! Some thing for Everyone.

When the poor, the Middle Classes and the Entrepreneurs benefit, We all benefit!

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