TheVoiceOfJoyce Imagine a world powered by enormous amounts of Energy similar to the sun’s heat. Fusion energy is now closer than we thought to achieving 100 million degrees Celsius powered by Magneys, hydrogen atoms are converted to Energy. There are 35 Companies Globally pursuing this scientific achievement. The research and development is limited to the US, Great Brittain, France, Canada and China. There are spin-offs from the technology that may benefit cancer patients. R&D always has a trickle down effect, enabling the development of industries we never thought of before. So far this field is open to Investors at the $10-$100million level. Seed money money for an initial Billion dollar trial. The future is bright. Fossil fuels have had 50 yrs to prepare for assets left in the ground. A clean nuclear technology will alleviate the pollution left by the Fossil Fuels and stop the Carbon Emissions dramatically. Reversing Climate extremes and over heated conditions will leave a healthier more bio diverseWorld. Nuclear Fusion can’t come soon enough.

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