AmericaSpeaks TheVoiceOfJoyce Covid 19 updates with Dr Daniel Griffin EPI 102. So much information & updates please listen. To Summarize: Omicron is not a mild infection for the Unvaccinated. Over 850 children have died and 3 kids a day are hospitalized. Get the Vaccine to save lives. Shame on those spreading misinformation about the Vaccine. Pregnant mothers, absolutely need to be Vaccinated. Otherwise, if they get Covid, their placenta is robbed of Oxygen and there is a high incidence of Still Births. The Vaccines work. I think the majority of us , who are Vaccinated, should not have to protect ourselves from the Unvaccinated. The more folks unvaccinated, the more Variants. Omicron is treatable with Paxlovid and one or two monoclonal antibodies. The ani vitals work. Even on the immune compromised. Your doctor should not be giving you antibiotics or steroids in the early stages of Infection. Treat the Virus. There are many complications from Covid infections. Myocarditis, stroke and mental acuity problems, along with septet and anxiety and fatigue. Get the Vaccine for your protection and the health of your Community. The Vaccines work, even the elderly only have mild symptoms. #Covid

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