AmericaSpeaksTheVoiceOfJoyce. Ep. 115: “Money Worries?”

No one thinks about money as much as a Rich person, unless that person is poor!

Our Fed Chairman is concerned that a 5.7% raise in wages will create an inflationary spiral. Really? Has he forgotten Labor hasn’t had an increase in years? Has he forgotten that Corporate greed and pent up demand caused temporary Inflation and a strain on our Supply Chains.

All this can be eliminated with simple Revenue Generators. The low hanging fruit, I call it.

  1. Tax Derivatives at 6 cents per $100. They’re at a Quadrillion dollars. We’d generate $1 Trillion and stabilize the Market, too!
  2. Reduce the Fossil Fuel Subsidies
  3. Eliminate the Farm Subsidy $28 Billion
  4. Reduce the usurious Tariffs and balance trade.

Why worry about Deficits, when we can generate revenue now to Pass and Implement the For the Families Act and the Infrastructure Bills.

I’m thankful we have the Presidents Day Holiday. Perhaps Mr Biden will consider how he’ll help the Lower & Middle Classes. And perhaps “we the People “ will decide what kind of a Society we want to live in. The Silent Majority can’t be silent anymore.

See you next week. Do write to me with your comments and suggestions. Have a great weekend!

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